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    Hi anyone here using the latest version? I'm excited to try the Bones Plugin. Is there video clip available how to setup this VizPlugin?
    And is this Plugin comes free in the latest Version?

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    Hi Cleoandrei,

    I just did a quick test on my Artist 3.11 with the bone/skin plugins . Just attempting to use it in Artist was a little bit like (where do i start).
    However what I did was I added the basic humanoid in Cinema 4D and then i quickly built a rig for it with the joint tool, After binding the joints to the model i saved the scene and exported it as a fbx file. (make sure that bones/skinning is ticked).

    When you import that model in artist you will see that viz assigned those bone/vertex plugins automatically.

    After importing it into Viz Artist you can see the same skeletal hierarchy in Viz as containers in the scene tree, When you then animate the containers/Limbs you can see the character skin bends with the arms/legs ect.. It works pretty well however IK chaining is not supported yet.
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