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Loop using action keyframes

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  • Loop using action keyframes


    I am animating a loop using action keyframes, I am using 3 directors to accomplish this, I am doing this on a scene that will be used as a background

    I have another scene that has bullets that can reveal automatically or manually, meaning a continue is needed.

    the issue is that when I run the bullets manually, I have to use a continue, this in turns triggers the director that I am using for the loop at the wrong time and loops is not clean

    How do I prevent the director for the loop from playing when the continue is used?


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    I always use a Blocker Action Keyframe.
    All directors that depend on a continue has a Stop point. If i dont want the continue, i change the stop to a tag.
    If i have directors that needs special triggers for loops etc. I have a Blocker keyframe that basically THIS_DIRECTOR SHOW F0; I then have named tags that i animate between if i need to run my animation. STAGE*DIRECTOR*MyDirectorWith3PointLoops*GOTO_TRIO $BeginTag $EndTag; That way I know my loops start when i need because they are hardcoded.
    Hope this helps