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    Hello and thank you for any help;

    I need to use a custom mask for an image, is the highlighted image well the place to drop an image mask, a black and white image? if so, how do I get it to the correct size, when I drop an image there the mask get sized to the current scale of the image

    I created a black and white png, full size hd, image bellow not to size for the post, the shape is in position on the screen but when I drop it in the well, I get the results bellow, I need the black and white image to cut the color image.

    This is for an OTS, please let me know if it does not make sense so I can try and explain it better

    Again thanks for any help

    how is this used.PNG

    image mask.PNG

    image with mask applied.PNG

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    I would probably use the Imagemask shader for that or use a Noggi and then just Vertex map the texture to that.