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How to crop/cut a corner on an image in Artist

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  • How to crop/cut a corner on an image in Artist

    Hello and thank you for your help

    I have an image on an OTS that has the bottom right corner cut, the question I have is;

    How do I create a container, for example a rectangle that has the corner also cut, I would rather not use the Mask Source/Target plugins, is there any other way to achieve this in Artist?

    Again thanks for any help

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    Hi Matzunaga,
    Maybe use a noggi with image mapped as vertex.
    Noggi properties :
    - All bevel as 0
    - Stretch = 0
    - Edge Points = 0
    - Bevel (as u need) = value u need

    Better to use noggi instead rectangle.
    In wonderful worl, noggy could have the vertex color as rectangle but in wonderful world only



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      Maybe draw the shape as a Polygon, Set the texture to Linear and then use Projector and Projector Target to texture it with the image.


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        PatrickVier and Lars Henriksen Guys thanks for your suggestions, I will try those, I played around with it and my answer was to use a SofMask plugin on a rectangle, seems to work ok, I still have to do some testing.

        Again thanks for your seggestions


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          Cool, but take care about SoftMask, it eat engin ressource (work on your artist, but in production engin, it's another story)... Use with caution