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  • Scale and Position of Image

    Hello and thank you for any help anyone can provide

    I need info on how to handle scale and position of an image on a template.

    I have a scene for an OTS, it has the usual image and text elements, but I am now required to allow producer set the scale and position of the image.

    In the scene in the ControlImage plugin I turn on the Expose Position and Expose Scaling.

    In template wizard I can now scale and position the image, the questions I have right now are;

    How do you handle the repeating pixels on the edges if the image is moved to far to either one of the four sides?
    How do you prevent the user form scaling the image too small or too big?

    Any help will be appreciated

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    Hi. What I have done in the past is to make the image linear instead of vertex that helps a bit. You can also have the images cropped slightly bigger than the image itself to give it a few pixels on either side, this works for things like logos with alpha channels. You can also limit what size they can use with scripting. I use the following script in template wizard to get the crop service to activate so it will crop to the image size of your box. If you are giving the producer the ability to scale and position they will still find a way to mess it up unless you give them some guidelines.

    fs16x9.DestHeight = 1080
    fs16x9.DestWidth = 1920
    templateImage.DestHeight = 1080
    templateImage.DestWidth = 1920