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  • Play Objects Director in TL


    How would you play the object director in TL? If anyone has an example that would be great.

    I'm close and I've tried using this too. Basically, I always want to make sure its playing the objects director in the default scene.

    THIS_DIRECTOR is working in an action keyframe for me. But I also need to play sub or or sibling directors too.

    Tried this and its not working for me yet.


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    Hi Charlotte,

    The object uses the director you saved it with when you initially made it.

    For example i created an object that uses a director called "myDir".

    So in the scene you can use viz script : Stage.FindDirector("myDir").ContinueAnimation() ... or Stage.FindDirector("What ever sub director")

    I havent tested an object that has sub-directors but in a Animation Builder plugin i made that create preset animations for geometries (to save time)..
    I used System.SendCommand to assign a object onto a newly created container and then i also used SendCommand to split that object, After that my script grabs all the keyframes named k1, k2, k3 and then rename them and move all the channels to the default director.

    In your case if you split the container then you should also be able to grab those sub directors with Stage.FindDirector
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      Awesome. Thanks so much Novacane89

      I'll give it a try.


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        No prob, if that did not work for you then tell me what you are trying to achieve and when it should be achieved.. for example "when callup scene is triggered".. Then i can create a workaround. Chrz