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    We're always testing a TL scene, and sometimes we have to switch back to Artist mode and saved the Master scene. How come the objects gets saved in the Toggle placeholders?
    Even if you manually remove the objects from "other" & "current" containers and save the master scene, when I opened the Master, the objects are still there.

    Shouldn't the toggle layers auto clear itself?

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    The toggle will not clear it self. You can in the individual toggles, click the button called advanced and then at the bottom there is a button called Delete containers of all cached objects. that should clear the content of your other and current for you. Because the elements are in cache, the scene will try for as long as possible to keep your content "safe" up until a crash.
    To clear the toggles before a save, make sure you have done a takeout on the layers you dont need beforehand. That will save you the time to manually clear the toggles later.
    Another reason is if you in the toggle preload elements for e.g background elements that always load with the masterscene for a particular layer. The line where it says Object: if there is a path to an object there, that is the object it will load with the scene. Putting this in the toggle too. You can see in the advanced part there is a textbox containing something like # Preload Objects: One object location per line. E.g.:
    # GEOM*MyDir/MyLogo and you can have many of these. These also get preloaded in the scene. clear that field and the preload of elements is gone and they should not appear.
    Hope this helps


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      Thanks Lars, will try the "Delete containers" option from the toggle instead of manually deleting or re-applying the toggle.