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Viz Libero 6.6 released

Viz Libero 6.6 released, for details see
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Viz Story 1.3 Released

Viz Story 1.3 Released.
For more details, check the Product updates section on our website

Documentation bundled with Viz Story 1.3 and release notes are found at Vizrt's ftp server
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Posting messages removed from non registered users

Due to the vast amount of spam the last few months we have as of today removed the ability to post messages from users that are not fully registered.

We do apologize if this causes troubles for some of you but access will be give when the registration is fully completed.

Best Regards
The Moderators
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Are there no Admins here??

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  • Are there no Admins here??

    Hey guys,

    This used to be a great forum. But it is impossible to read nowadays.

    Can you put a captcha or something to keep the robots away??

    Please do something!

    Lisandro Tapia

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    hahha completly agree Lichoooo


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      Hi There,

      The admins have been informed regarding this spam issue and it will be dealt with at the earliest convenience. Apologies for the inconvenience it has caused and this has not gone UN-noticed.

      Best Regards


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        We have tried to battle the spam by using different methods but as of today I've made the access more strict to prevent the spammers from abusing this forum.