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Help Needed in viz script

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  • Help Needed in viz script

    Hi All

    I am using Shared Memory Variables through script. Whenever scripts sets the images it freezes the animation. Number of images increases the animation freeze time.

    Any Help Would Be Appreciated

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    Hi There,

    Can you please tell me what images you are using, Resolution size... And where are they located when they are assigned? Are The Images sitting in the graphic hub? or is it pulling those images from a shared drive?


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      I am using png images (1080*1080) from C:/Drive


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        I have tested with control image and changing the input field with system send command , it worked fine, What version of viz are you running? and what script command are you using to "SET" the new image to the image container?


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          Hi Novacane thanks

          I have got the solution. Actually I was using below code....

          for i = 1 to 11
          scene.FindContainer("Group" & cstr(i) & "$PlayerImage").CreateTexture("IMAGE*Default/Silhouette")
          scene.FindContainer("Group" & cstr(i) & "$PlayerImage").CreateTexture("C:\\Test\\Player" & cstr(i) & ".png")

          I was loading 22 images and viz was taking a long time to remove textures and allocate new images. So i just removed the first line.


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            are you using Nested For Loop?