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Media Sequencer 4.0.1 and 4.1.1 released

Media Sequencer 4.0.1 and 4.1.1 released, for details see
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Viz Libero 6.6 released

Viz Libero 6.6 released, for details see
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Posting messages removed from non registered users

Due to the vast amount of spam the last few months we have as of today removed the ability to post messages from users that are not fully registered.

We do apologize if this causes troubles for some of you but access will be give when the registration is fully completed.

Best Regards
The Moderators
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  • AutoFollow

    Hello all,

    I do not by any means want to be rude, but please do not reply asking me to read the manual, I have read the manual and still does not make any sense.

    If some one can explain the AutoFollow plugin, in a different way than that of the manual it would be greatly appreciated.

    What I am trying to achieve using the AutoFollow plugin is to create a graphics that has a title and a subtitle, but the graphic will be displayed vertically so the text needs to be rotate 90 degrees. After a day of tinkering with the plugin I still can not get the sub to follow the title properly.

    A better explanation of how to use the AutoFollow or any other ideas would be appreciated.

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    Do you have a screenshot of what you want to achieve? I am thinking a mix of TFxRotate and autofollow


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      Lars Henriksen Hello and thanks for your response, I somehow got auto follow to work, I have no idea how but it is doing what I need.
      I grouped the two text containers, I then added the auto follow to the second child, moved some of the setting till it followed correctly, then I rotated the parent container that way the auto follow happens on the children that do not have rotation.
      I hope that makes some sense.
      Thanks and have a good weekend