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  • AutoFollow

    Hello all,

    I do not by any means want to be rude, but please do not reply asking me to read the manual, I have read the manual and still does not make any sense.

    If some one can explain the AutoFollow plugin, in a different way than that of the manual it would be greatly appreciated.

    What I am trying to achieve using the AutoFollow plugin is to create a graphics that has a title and a subtitle, but the graphic will be displayed vertically so the text needs to be rotate 90 degrees. After a day of tinkering with the plugin I still can not get the sub to follow the title properly.

    A better explanation of how to use the AutoFollow or any other ideas would be appreciated.

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    Do you have a screenshot of what you want to achieve? I am thinking a mix of TFxRotate and autofollow


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      Lars Henriksen Hello and thanks for your response, I somehow got auto follow to work, I have no idea how but it is doing what I need.
      I grouped the two text containers, I then added the auto follow to the second child, moved some of the setting till it followed correctly, then I rotated the parent container that way the auto follow happens on the children that do not have rotation.
      I hope that makes some sense.
      Thanks and have a good weekend